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Hand-forged steel wand with a twisted handle.  


I try not to overthink making the wands. Unless it's a custom piece, I like to start a wand with no preconceptions. I forge out the length of the wand, tapering slightly towards the tip, and then I flip it over and put in a twist for the handle. I much prefer to let the twists just happen and try to do them in one heat with little or no control. So in a way, the wand comes together however it wants. I just sort of facilitate the activity.


Stray-Singer followed by a Norse numeral, isn't just a convenient way for us to catalogue the pieces that go up on the site, it's the way we refer to pieces we haven't named. In no way does a Stray-Singer mean any less to us than any other piece, it's simply that a name doesn't always present itself during the crafting process or shortly after. I've also been told by some customers, they prefer pieces that are nameless. Whether or not we've named a piece, you are always more than welcome and encouraged to give the piece any name that speaks to you.


Overall Length: approx 11 in (27.9 cm)

Handle Length: approx 4 in (10.2 cm)

Width: approx 0.38 in (0.97 cm)

Weight: 2.7 oz


Steel Wand Stray-Singer Thrir

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