Hand-forged leaf pendant.


Just about every time I light up the forge, I start my day forging two leaf pendants. This was a habit I got into soon after I had learned to forge leaves. I was blown away by the beauty and subtle complexity of the process, and wanted to master it quickly. The leaves don't take a whole lot out of me, and they drill some basics of blacksmithing. They're a good morning warm-up for beginners and experienced smiths.

I grab two scrap pieces of not too big, and not too small, square or round bar.

First, you draw out a taper, which will vary wildly from leaf to leaf. 

Then you form the bud. Much like in nature, first a bud is formed and then it transforms into the leaf. This transformation happens over the course of a few seconds under a bevy of hammer blows. 

Then, chisel in the veins. I learned to make leaves with many chisel strikes, but aesthetically I've always preferred three slashes up each side. Subconsciously signing my leaves 111 long before that was a thing.


Width: Approx 0.75 in (2 cm)
Length: Approx 2.25 in (5.75 cm)

Weight: 0.5 oz


Includes cord to wear the pendant as a necklace.



Leaf Pendant