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Signed Copy of Further Utilizing the Runes by Ryan "111" Leis.


Once you're comfortable with a set of runes, a futhark, the ogham or a similar system, historical or otherwise, it's only natural to want to know more. To dig deeper, learn new things, discover new ways to study your runes and read deeper from your casts. This is a collection of my thoughts on how to look at a set of runes from a different perspective. Study them from a different angle, maybe through a different lens.


There are some exercises and meditations to help you dig deeper into your casts, to help work at turning what seems like a small message or poem into more of a saga; this gives us more to mull over and helps us read much more from a cast or spread. It's my hope that in here, you find the inspiration to push your relationship with your chosen runes to another level, an even deeper well of connection, association and understanding. Explore and develop new concepts and methods that bring us new wisdom. Then share it and watch it grow. There's still so much still out there for us to discover.


Further Utilizing the Runes

The books can take up to 3 weeks to print.
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